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11. What to Do

With everything that’s been said so far concerning the CID housing industry, you have probably formed the opinion that it’s an invincible behemoth that cannot be undone. But, in my opinion, nothing could be further from the truth. I see it as a decrepit giant ripe for a fall. That’s why I bothered to build this web site. I smell the blood of a vile and corrupt alliance. I think the unscrupulous activities of the CID industry make it extremely vulnerable; and when word gets out, and the public has had enough, it will be done away with.

What this industry fears most is exposure. It cannot stand up to public scrutiny. Just like cockroaches in the kitchen, when the lights go on, they all run and hide. So let there be light.

The very first time I saw our board in action, I decided I would do what I could to help put a stop to what I saw as “the fleecing of the American homeowner.” To that end, I created this website.

What you must do, if you would also like to see this American Travesty put to rest, is help shine a light on these unfortunate creatures. In short, you must expose them. In persuit of that goal, here are some of the measures we will be examining:

Build a neighborhood website not controlled by the board.

Publicly notify the other homeowners of the board's questionable activities.

Organize the opposition in your neighborhood and others.

Organize "watch dog" groups to attend board meetings.

Publish your own neighborhood newsletter.

Contact the media and state and local lawmakers.

It’s odd. These people (HOA board members, management company representatives, and association lawyers) insist they only work for the benefit of the homeowners, and yet they go to such great pains to keep their “good deeds” a secret from those same homeowners.

Of course the truth is they’re almost always up to no good and therefore, they’re always in hiding. For such a transparently corrupt organization as the CID industry, secrecy is the best policy. That is why we must make sure they get all the exposure they so desperately try to avoid.


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