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1. Birth of the CID

2. The CC&Rs

3. The Sellers

4. The Board

5. Management Companies

6. The Attorneys

7. The CAI

8. The Homeowners

9. The Courts

10. Petrie Dish Principal

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Welcome to theHOAprimer. The web book you should have read before you bought a home in a Common Interest Development.

The purpose of this website is awaken a sleeping public to a plague that is threatening to destroy the American dream of homeownership and undermine the common democratic principals so many have fought to preserve for over 200 years. This menace is the corporate, private government known as the Homeowners Association. As briefly as possible, I will tell you how this industry developed, how it works, and who is profiting from the scam. I've presented numerous examples of this world gone mad and offered a few suggestions as to how you might help to restore sanity to your neighborhood.

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11. What You Can Do

12. Deceptions

13. Build a Website

14. Notify Your Neighbors

15. Organize

16. Attend Board Meetings

 17. Publish a Newsletter

18. Alert the Media

19. Make a Law

20. Fix it or Go